As a dedicated petrol head I have always loved sports cars and while an Aston or Ferrari would be very nice they are beyond my budget [too much tax and too much on the children's education!]

There are so many choices of nice cars, Triumph, MGB, Lotus….

After much consideration I concluded it just had to be a T series MG, I like the wartime era.

So I started some research to see what models were what.

There is quite a confusing mix of cars and after some work I quickly came down to:

  • TA lovely but quite rare and expensive
  • TB the same
  • TC available in good numbers
  • TD I don't like the pressed steel wheels and the TC just looks better [in my view].

So I had my decision MG TC it was to be.

There are many great books tracing the story of Morris Garages and the MG so I won't repeat them here, see my book list for the ones I purchased and devoured.

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